The Work of Jesuit Refugee Service in South America

‘Living in Limbo‘ profiles the inspirational work of the Jesuit Refugee Service and asks is it time that Ireland, Europe, US and China factor human rights into all trade agreements?

‘Living in Limbo’ was broadcast on Newstalk 106-108fm radio on Saturday the 13th of April between 7am and 8am and repeated at 9pm.

In ‘Living in Limbo’ Newstalk producer Susan Cahill travels to Colombia to meet with victims of forced displacement and hears their remarkable stories of bravery and courage. ‘Living in Limbo’ meets with a range of high profile politicians, community leaders, human rights activists and campaigners and highlights how money, land and greed are the root causes of displacement.

Reporting on the human rights situation in Colombia today, Susan Cahill asks why is the international community ignoring this chronic humanitarian problem?

Listen the full story here:

Los desplazados de Colombia y Venezuela Part 1

Los desplazados de Colombia y Venezuela Part 2


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