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Protection with Dignity – A Humane Response to Global Forced DisplacementThe report highlights the latest trends in global forced displacement and the erosion of protections for migrants, with the creeping return of ‘fortress Europe’. It calls for urgent action at a global, regional and local level. Research2021PDFresearch2021
At the FrontiersExploring the concept of the frontier, its importance to the Jesuit charism, and to the understanding that the frontier is a place where you can make a difference to those who are most vulnerable in our world.Development Education2017Videodevelopment-education2017
Foxconn: Who makes your iPhoneThis video explores the different processes involved in producing the iPhone. It focuses on the working conditions at Foxconn in China, a major manufacturer of Apple products.Development Education2017Videodevelopment-education2017
Tippy TapsThe coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the importance of handwashing for health and safety, but many people do not have access to running water. IJI raised funds to distribute this simple structure for dispensing water to schools and communities throughout East Africa. Campaigns2020Videocampaigns2020
Malawi Clean Energy StovesMalawi is losing its trees at an alarming rate. More than 33,000 hectares of forest is being cut down each year. In a country where fewer than one in ten people have access to electricity, people are dependent on firewood to cook and wash. JCED is distributing stoves to households in rural communities that use far less wood, and emit far less toxic smoke than traditional cooking methods.Campaigns2020Videocampaigns2020
One by one by oneThis unit of work introduces students to the modern-day phenomenon that is sex trafficking. Through a pedagogy of understanding and reflection, it seeks to cultivate their capacity to move from a feeling of ‘compassion’ towards a concrete response to this grave injusticeDevelopment Education2019PDF6.5 MBdevelopment-education2019
Covid-19 Global AppealOutside of Europe, infection rates are still rising and poor communities are still bearing the brunt of lockdown restrictions.Campaigns2021PDF400KBcampaigns2021
Child SafeguardingThe IJI manages the XN Resource Library on Safeguarding where our partners can find sample policies, procedures manuals, posters, videos, etc.Child Safeguarding2021JPGchild-safeguarding2021
On the MarginsThis module explores issues of social justice and focuses in particular on how society responds to crime and the use of imprisonment.Development Education2014PDF5MBdevelopment-education2014
Global Justice PerspectivesThis resource material offers a pedagogy of discovery and reflection on some key issues that divide our world today. It invites all participants to open their eyes and reflect critically on how one can make the world a better place for each and all.Development Education2015PDF14MBdevelopment-education2015
Responding to Injustice: An Ignatian ApproachThis module seeks to introduce students to concepts concerning justice and injustice and to develop, through a pedagogy of understanding and reflection, their capacity to respond to injustice more effectively.Development Education2017PDF6MBdevelopment-education2017