Our Missionaries

The accompaniment and support of Irish missionaries and Jesuit works abroad remain one of our key functions. There are currently 10 Irish Jesuits working in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

We provide pastoral and financial support for those working on mission and maintain contact with their families in Ireland. Pastoral care involves providing a ‘base’ to come to and hospitality for the missionaries on their return to Ireland. We also act as a hub for communication and information. We organise Masses and social events annually, providing a space for networking and for friends, colleagues and their families to meet.

Our objectives:
Provide support and accompaniment to the Irish Jesuit missionaries and their families while on mission
Provide logistical support to our Jesuit partners in Africa, Asia and the Middle East when visiting Ireland


Our 2022-2027 anticipated outcomes:

  • Irish Jesuit missionaries working overseas welcomed on return to Ireland and supported in logistics and travel arrangements
  • Communication maintained with family and friends of Jesuits on mission
  • Records of Irish Jesuit missionaries kept accurate and up to date
  • Annual gathering organised for missionaries and returned missionaries in Ireland
  • Articles and stories circulated amongst our supporters reflecting the work of the Jesuit missionaries