Irish Jesuit Schools

Through our School Engagement Programme, we support Jesuit Schools in Ireland to maintain linkages to our Jesuit development partners in the Global South for mutual learning and sharing.

Our 2022-2027 Objectives are to:
1. Foster an interest in volunteering post qualification in the international development sector
2. Increase students’ understanding of the linkages between injustice in the Global South and how we live our daily lives
3. Nurture relationships between Jesuit schools in Ireland and Jesuit works in the Global South

Our anticipated Outcomes from 2022-2027 will be:
• all Irish Jesuit Schools engaging in the IJI Lenten Campaign each year
• International volunteering placements (short & long) for past pupils of Irish Jesuit Schools encouraged and facilitated by IJI, once qualified in their profession
• International volunteering (short & long) for teachers within Irish Jesuit Schools facilitated through IJI
• Transition Year students engaged with through social justice placements and internships at the IJI offices in Gardiner Street, Dublin
• Career guidance counselling for students interested in joining the international development sector
• Alumni bodies engaged with to further ‘a faith that does justice’
• Linkages supported between Irish Jesuit Schools and JRS Mikono Crafts to further the reach of refugees in Kenya
• Education for Justice modules developed by and for Irish Jesuit teachers, adding to our Resource Library:

–  Global Justice Perspectives: Key Issues that Divide our World
One by One by One: Sex Trafficking
On the Margins: Crime and Imprisonment
Responding to Injustice: An Ignatian Approach

“Development education encourages active engagement with the rapidly changing, interdependent and unequal world in which we live. It empowers learners with an increased awareness and understanding of how global justice and transnational issues intertwine with their daily lives.” Irish Aid Annual Report 2019