A Message of Hope for 2022

As we ease ourselves into the New Year and enter the season of Spring. Take a moment to listen to our Message of Hope for 2022.

Reflecting on the global COVID19 pandemic and the loss of loved ones, the words of John Guiney SJ calls for protection and a hope that vaccines and further medical progress will continue to heal the sick and protect the most vulnerable of our world. Reflecting on the words of Pope Francis, John emphasises the importance of togetherness and the need for a shared humanity and concern for each other and our environment.

With this message we hope for a fairer world, where no one is left behind, that refugees find a true home and that our environment is protected. That women and children and the most vulnerable have enough to eat, be safe and secure in their homes and that the violence many endure may stop.

Here at IJI, we call for unending hope for that brighter future together.