Chikuni Radio Report



Chikuni Radio – a community radio station in Monze, Zambia sponsored by the Irish Jesuit Mission Office – has been been featured in a study following community radio programmes with a goal of increasing the capacity of civil society. Sponsored by BBC Media Action, the project produced and delivered a weekly radio discussion programme called The Platform, with content focused on informing citizens on key political issues such as water, sanitation, quality of education and unemployment. It is broadcast in both English and Tonga, and has been running since 2011.The research project showed that the programme regularly reached 0.2 million people – 24 per cent of adults in the Southern province of Zambia – and was effective in improving listeners understanding of social issues.


Radio Chikuni was set up by Fr Andrew Lesniara SJ and Fr Tadeusz Swiderski SJ in 2000 with the help of Jesuit Missions. It now broadcasts for more than 17 hours per day with a wide variety of programming. We want to congratulate all of our brothers and sisters in Radio Chikuni on their work.

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