Educating men and women for others

Take a tour to each education project the Irish Jesuit Missions is linked with. Click through on the map and read about them, look up their websites, view their videos, picture albums and social media pages.

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Education for the greater good

The Irish Jesuit Missions is directly linked with Jesuit run education projects in Africa and Cambodia. They are intended to be communities of life, work and worship both at home and abroad. Pupils are encouraged to respect and care for one another as friends and companions, in God’s service and to live by ‘a faith that does justice’: a faith that expresses itself in action for the communal good, the greater good.

Men and women for others: an Ignatian approach

Jesuit students are encouraged to understand their own ‘place’ in the world, in terms of educational and socio-economic opportunities, and to use these opportunities in the compassionate service of others with the approach ‘men and women for others’.

Teaching roles are not limited to the Jesuits in these projects. Many of the staff consists of lay people working as teachers and support staff.

Jesuit education

Education informed by Ignatian Spirituality addresses the centrality of God in all things. In practical terms, this means the world of creation around us is an expression of God. Our way of being in the world, and our action for justice illuminates God’s presence in how we are men and women with and for others. Please visit here for more

The Jesuit education projects seek to provide quality education and training at various levels, while recognising education as a human right and are in line with the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030.

Author: Irish Jesuit Missions Communications, 16th March 2017