New Computer Lab in Wau School

Loyola Secondary School in Wau, South Sudan is building a computer lab for its students to provide them with the practical skills they need to supplement their theoretical knowledge of computing.

Observing that the school curriculum of South Sudan is mostly theory-based, the Jesuit team who run the school decided to include subjects that are more practical, to improve students’ understanding and technical skillsets.

From the start of the new academic year beginning on 3rd May 2021, all sciences will be taught as subjects that combine practical knowledge and theories, and all art subjects will have a field research component. The school team has also introduced new subjects including Computer Studies and Information Technology (IT), Masonry, Electrical Installation and Plumbing.

The new computer room with will be the first and only science/computer laboratory in Loyola Secondary School and in all of Wau State! The team has bought six refurbished computers so far, with which they will begin to teach a population of 750 Students.

Funding from Irish Jesuits International and Misean Cara, among others, has contributed to the building of the new classroom and the purchase of the computers. We hope that access to technology will open up new opportunities in further education and employment for the students at Loyola.