IJI Gift catalogue launches

More than just a Pig!  

Your gift results in us actually buying that item for someone very vulnerable in one of the 12 developing countries we work in. We’re not just saying it – we actually do it!

When you buy the gift of a pig, we actually buy a pig for a woman in Maban, South Sudan! But it’s much more than a pig, it’s an investment, and she’ll ensure the pig reproduces and she’ll sell off one of those pigs for a rainy day, like when flash floods hit. When there’s no bank, no post office and your home gets washed away, you’ve got to be smart about where you invest.

Our NGO has been around for more than most in Ireland – set up nearly 80 years ago – we know by now, what works, what doesn’t, where and how to reach the furthest left behind.

Our newly launched catalogue is for purchasing truly amazing gifts which will make a huge difference to the lives of impoverished and marginalised communities.  


From providing meals and protecting Syrian children from plummeting temperatures to supporting passionate teachers in further training – there are many ways to do something truly amazing like giving the gift of education and supporting girls, like Nyalor, have a brighter future! 

Nyalor Angai’s story is about courage and a young girl’s brave flea from South Sudan to take ownership over her own life. 

She became a refugee when her future was placed in the hands of her feuding uncles – one wanted her married off, while the other wanted her to study and have a better future.  

Nyalor joined her mother in Adjumani, a refugee settlement in Northern Uganda to escape a forced early marriage. Her mother, a widow, had fled earlier due to war in Juba, leaving her three children in the care of one of their uncles in Malachi, an unaffected area. 

Nyalor’s future was soon jeopardized when her uncle, with whom she had been entrusted, organized to marry her to a man fit to be her father. The other uncle intervened, helping Nyalor escape to her mother in Uganda and has since tried to support them in the best possible way. 

I felt helpless and very uncertain about what my future would look like.’ 

Despite limited resources, Nyalor’s mother enrolled her in school and since then she has excelled, recognized by teachers for her determination and brilliance. 

When speaking about her education, Nyalor lights up, saying: 

“Studying is the biggest highlight of my life, and I aspire to become a doctor so that I can escape poverty” 

By supporting our gift catalogue, you can help vulnerable students, like Nyalor, to have happy stories where they are given the chance to learn and grow! 


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