Events in South Sudan


SudanThe world has been shocked at a new outbreak of conflict in South Sudan that began on 15th December. The full complexity of the conflict has yet to be revealed, and it is often difficult for those of us so far removed to get a clear picture. Below are various voices from within the State, giving their opinions and lending their close understanding to this distressing event. Although the reports are conflicting and contradictory, we believe it is important to allow these voices to speak for themselves, and not be clouded by our limited ability of interpretation. We ask you to pray for peace in South Sudan over this Christmas period.


  1. Statement by various clergy in South Sudan
  2. Overview of situation by the Sudd Institute
  3. President Salva Kiir offers talks with Dr. Riek Machar – former Deputy President, accused of leading the failed coup
  4. Claims from Dr. Riek Machar that he did not lead the coup
  5. Letter by Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, prominent politician