JRS Nigeria is running a programme to train female survivors of violence and in farming techniques and business skills. The project aims to help counter the destruction caused in the northeast of the country by terrorist group Boko Haram. The violent conflict has killed tens of thousands of people, displaced 1.8 million and left more than half of the population without food security or livelihoods.

JRS Response in Northeast Nigeria – Boko Haram

In a region where 80% of the population are engaged in agriculture, the destruction of roads and markets, the mass displacement of persons and ensuing abandonment of property – including farms and livestock, has left more than half the population in need of humanitarian assistance. This three-year project will train female survivors of violence and provide them with seeds, pesticides and fertilisers so that they can grow crops to sell for a source of sustainable income.

JRS Nigeria has also responded to the Covid-19 crisis by providing basic provisions to refugees from neighbouring Cameroon to help them cope with the effects of lockdown and the threat of infection.