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Nyawuok counselling

Counselling is a tool for survival

  “My name is Nyawuok Chuol Mut. I am a South Sudanese refugee. My day starts at 6.00am, when I begin to the normal household chores like cleaning the...

An Oasis at the Margins

“Women and girls are Africa’s greatest untapped resource, and it is they, not diamonds or oil and minerals, that will be the foundation for solid, sustainable and equitable progress”....

Safe places for children

Child protection is a term that I have come to get used to and understand fully only in my adulthood. To understand why, you would need a little exposure...

Listening to children

Children in the context of a refugee camp, an urban setting, or any other location around the world fall into a category of individuals who are extremely vulnerable. Simply...
Jesuit Hakimani Centre

Niall Leahy at Hakimani Centre Kenya

Niall Leahy SJ from Leitrim worked in Nairobi at the Jesuit Hakimani Centre (JHC) a centre for social concern.